diesel injector testing

We keep diesel vehicles on the road.

Here at Atlantic Diesel Services we specialize in diesel engines. We've been servicing diesel engines and supplying Ireland with spares for diesel engines for over 20 years. You wouldn't call in a carpenter to fix a leaking tap, so why take your diesel vehicle to a petrol engine garage to repair a deisel problem?

Because we're specialists we have the equipment needed to install and test diesel components. All pumps are tested on one of our many diesel fuel injection test stands. We have all the latest diagnostic tools and oscilloscopes to test Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Zexel, Stanadyne & Siemens proprietary systems found in modern diesel vehicles and we understand how to interpret the live data streams from your vehicle from either the diagnostic scan tools or oscilloscope waveforms.

We are the first to admit we don't know everything but we do look at each new problem with an open mind and if we don't know how to fix something we will endeavor to find out how to fix it. We back this up by our continued training and our constant updating of our skills and equipment.